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Cody Hasn't Yet Made The Weight

Terrence Cody

Elwood P. Dowd wouldn't have been able to have Terrence Cody as his companion. Both Harvey, the invisible rabbit in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play (and more famously film) by Mary Chase, and Cody, the Crimson Tide nose tackle, have a similarity in height. But Cody has a problem beyond being visible.

Dowd's Harvey has a height between 6-0 and 6-6, some say specifically 6-3 1/2. Alabama's Terrence Cody is 6-5. But Cody weighs something—we don't know exactly how much—over 350 pounds. It is the weight that keeps Cody from being a rabbit. Alabama Coach Nick Saban says Alabama calls its third down pass situation defensive team "The Rabbits." "To be a rabbit you have to be under 350," he said... Recommended Stories