But it's not all serious business. Take enough photographs at practice, and you're bound to come away with a few funny ones."/>

Photo report: The lighter side

Juuust a tad off

"Sudden death," "the bomb," "battling in the trenches"... Those are just a few of the war analogies commonly applied to football. <br><br>But it's not all serious business. Take enough photographs at practice, and you're bound to come away with a few funny ones.

(Above left) That decidedly lopsided lift is not exactly how Strength Coach Ben Pollard would like it done.

The idea of filling tubs with ice water to quickly cool of the players is physiologically sound. But that didn't stop reporters from doing double-takes at the sight of big Anthony Bryant soaking contentedly away.

Of course they're grown men, but as the saying goes, inside every man a little boy is trying to get out. Here, senior Dre Fulgham strikes a classic body-builder's pose. "Put that up on the Internet," he said laughing. "And send me a copy."

Take enough photos during practice, and you're bound to come up with a few "unusual" shots. No, Buddy Wyatt isn't dancing, but he does seem to be getting a little too caught up in the spirit of this kicking game practice.

Ahmad Childress and Antwan Odom, both happy as clams. Enough said.

For the record, left tackle Wesley Britt is one of the smartest and most cooperative athletes on the team. He's always willing to talk to the media, and invariably responds with intelligent--even insightful answers. But as Britt's look clearly demonstrates, that doesn't always apply to the questions posed by reporters.

Senior receiver Triandos Luke showing remarkable flexibility. It made my back hurt just taking the picture.

More tub shots--this one of senior Lance Taylor.

The picture is a year old, but that doesn't mean it's not still funny. Junior receiver Tarry Givens doing his best "Dance Fever" imitation.

As Mike Shula talks with Shari Shula, daughter Samantha decides it's her turn to drive.

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