McCarron's hand is fine, he's "ready to go"

AJ McCarron

Quick Hits from Tuesday night's presser with AJ McCarron, Deion Belue and Cade Foster.

1. As we've been saying, quarterback A.J. McCarron's hand is fine. He bruised it while recovering a botched snap against Arkansas, but has looked fine this week in practice.

McCarron said he doesn't remember exactly what happened. All he knows is he's "ready to go."

"I have no clue," he said. "I was worried about getting the ball. I just know it got stepped on."

He said he could have played the whole game if he needed to.

"I think the only reason [coach Nick Saban] pulled me was to get the other guys some reps," he said. "[Arkansas] still had their one's in and stuff. Definitely. We came out throwing in the second half, so I was fine."

2. Over the past year, McCarron said he thinks the area he's improved the most is his fakes.

"I think that's a big thing that's helped me out this year, even on run fakes, I think they all look the same," he said. "Coach actually pointed out in the Arkansas game, both of my deep passes to Christion [Jones], on the deep over and, the next series later, to Amari [Cooper] on the sideline, you can really see the secondary and the linebackers suck up.

"That's what I like seeing. I'm just happy about that. Coach [Nussmeier] has done a great job working with me all offseason and up until now."

3. It's no secret McCarron has a thing for wearing bowties. He tweets picture of himself wearing them all the time. He said his collection is expanding.

"I like doing different things," he said. "Everybody wears a tie, so I wanted to try something different. Actually, my mom and everybody in my family, that's what they got me for my birthday."

4. Junior cornerback Deion Belue said the biggest transition coming to Alabama from junior college was the game speed.

"That was the main thing, but practice helped with that," he said.

He also said having gone to JUCO was beneficial before playing for the Tide.

"It's just a thing of staying humble and just paying attention to detail and just gave me that extra step coming in," he said. "It worked out for the best."

5. Cade Foster said getting five extra yards on kickoffs has helped him get more touchbacks (he had eight against Arkansas). He's also been kicking much farther than he did last year.

"I've definitely improved in that area and I just got to keep doing that for the rest of the season," he said. "We've only played three games."

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