QUICK HITS: Tuesday post-practice

Dee Milliner

The media caught up with cornerback Dee Milliner and right guard Anthony Steen Tuesday after practice. They talked about Michigan, Western Kentucky and things the team is working on this week. (Video of Milliner at the bottom.)

Tuesday night after practice, the media talked to cornerback Dee Milliner and right guard Anthony Steen. Here are some highlights...

1. Being No. 1 in both the AP and Coaches' polls is not a hot topic of conversation among Alabama players. Steen didn't even know his team was sitting atop the polls, and Milliner knew, but shrugged it off as no big deal.

"Yeah I saw that today," Milliner said. "We're just not really worried about where we're ranked in the polls right now. We won our first game. That's really all this team has done. We're just focused on winning the next game, and the game after that. Just focus week by week on the games we've got to play and try to win them all."

2. Steen's shoe came off in the first couple of minutes against Michigan, causing him to go to the sideline for 2-3 plays. He said he was reprimanded by head coach Nick Saban and offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland.

"Somebody stepped on my foot when I was diving out to block a guy, I couldn't get it back on," he said. "I keep my shoes real tight, so when it comes off, I cant get it back on. I had the trainer do it for me, and it took forever. Coach was pretty pissed about that. The trainer got ripped in one, too. He was mad."

3. Milliner said he (like everybody else) was impressed with true freshman running back T.J. Yeldon's performance Saturday. He said he's gotten to see what it's like to go up against Yeldon firsthand, as they face each other in practice all the time.

"We have team run and he's always back making plays like he did in the game," Milliner said.

4. Milliner said that they don't approach this week preparing for Western Kentucky any differently than if they were prepping for a top-ranked team.

"We never treat another team like they're lower than another team that we play," he said. "We treat every team like they're going to be another great game, like they're highly ranked, each time we play.

"They've got a lot of great skill guys, a lot of returning starters on offense. They're probably a mature team, experienced, and they're going to know what they're doing on the field."

5. A.J. McCarron had a lot of success throwing on play-action passes against Michigan. A crucial part of that success is the offensive line selling the play-action fake.

"We're just trying to sell it as much as we can" Steen said. "Coach tells us everyday to sell it and make it look like a run so AJ can have enough time and for the receivers to be open down the field. Right now, we're doing pretty good."

Watch Milliner talk about Michigan, Western Kentucky, etc. below:

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