VIDEO: Square says Bama has "talent overload"

Damion Square

Senior defensive end Damion Square does not think there will be drop off from last year's defense to this year's. Why? Because Alabama has a "talent overload," he said.

One of Alabama's four media guide covers for this season is Damion Square flashing his 2009 and '11 national championship bling.

The fifth-year defensive lineman was apart of both those teams, so he's seen year-to-year how the defense changes.

It used to be—really at every position—that there were clear first-team guys and then came drop-off with the second- and third-team players. But Square says things are different in that regard this season as there's a "talent overload" all the way around.

"We got eight guys at one spot that can just go," he said. "However you want to do it, they can get it done. I know as coaches it's pretty difficult to choose what guy is going to get the majority of reps and that's why. It's great for us as a team to have that kind of depth."

The aforementioned statement kind of answers the question directed at Square regarding this year's group picking up where last year's left off.

"The players we've got are dynamic," he said. "They're great guys, fast guys, guys that learn well, guys that want to be great right now. They're not really complacent. Some guys may come in and be complacent to redshirt or complacent to play. It may hurt them from getting better as individuals. But these guys listen to the leadership. They take what we're saying because they know we've been there before."

In just over two weeks, Alabama will face Michigan in the season opener. Square can't wait to see Denard Robinson.

"I'm ready to see him, I'm ready to see Michigan," he said. "It's our first opponent. I'm excited about the guys we have, some of these guys are a secret. Some guys don't know exactly what we got over here at the University. They're kind of downplaying, but I know what we have and I know what it looks like. I know that we got something real special here."

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